iVisionTM Software

The iVision product adds web-based, real-time visibility of component information to Visible Inventory's SuppliLink software. Quantity, status and reorder information can be viewed through iVision allowing remote personnel and suppliers to view inventory information through their browser.

Remote warehouses, vendor managed inventory, and customer controlled spare parts can be easily viewed with iVision.

iVision Technical Specifications

iVision Software
Client Hardware Requirements (minimum) 450 MHz Pentium, 128 MB RAM, 1024x768 Video
Client Operating System Requirements Windows XP Pro, 2000
Client Software Requirements Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
Server Hardware Requirements (minimum) 450 MHz Pentium, 256 MB RAM
Server Operating System Requirements Windows 2000, 2003 Server
Server Software Requirements .NET Framework 1.1,  IIS