Our Company

Company Overview

Founded on our belief that the lack of plant floor connectivity and visibility was limiting the performance of supply chains, Visible Inventory has confirmed that numerous companies across many industries are eager to bridge this gap. While communication between companies using internet-based supply chain management tools takes seconds or minutes, communication on product availability within the four walls of a company can take hours or days without Visible Inventory! Our technology (patent pending), connecting the plant floor to the Supply Chain continuously in real time, is unique and unequalled.

Visible Inventory manufactures and sells automated, real-time quantity measurement and communication systems, employing sensors, wireless networks and proprietary software for closed-loop customer and supplier integration via Internet, Extranet or Intranet. Visible Inventory's systems are unique because they provide continuous, real-time information to assure accurate and timely supply chain linkage by means of physical hardware devices that measure and monitor raw material, component parts and finished goods. These devices are wirelessly networked to a software data interface that can communicate up or down a supply chain and can be integrated with enterprise software applications.

The Visible Inventory Vision

To enable a new standard of Supply Chain performance and agile operations through real time, highly accurate inventory measurement and communication.

Dedication to our Clients

Visible Inventory is dedicated to delivering leading technology solutions that will help enable our clients to achieve their competitive and operational goals. Our clients are not merely "customers" but are considered Partners.