Visible Inventory offers a range of sensor based real time inventory management systems to meet the needs of our customers. We offer complementary technologies to many supply chain management systems available today such as RFID, Bar Code Solutions, Automatic Data Capture, and other real-time enterprise (RTE) systems.

You can't have a real-time enterprise solution if you don't know what's happening at the most basic level of your organization: the bins, the shelves, and the pallets that contain the ingredients for doing business. The best supply chain systems in the world are blind to what is really happening at the lowest levels of the supply chain. iSeries sensors and SuppliLink software from Visible Inventory, dropped in place, easily connected and integrated to your supply chain, are essential for a real RTE.

Each of our systems is designed around the SuppliLinkTM software and can be easily integrated with any ERP, Supply Chain Management, or Business Management System using XML data exchanges.

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