Visible Inventory, Inc. is an industry leading provider of true real-time inventory management solutions. Visible Inventory's solutions help organizations eliminate costly shortages, maximize inventory turns, and decrease labor costs associated with cycle counting.

Our innovative patent-pending core technology addresses the need for real-time inventory visibility across the entire supply chain... read more.
One of the underlying principles of lean practice is the elimination of waste and all unnecessary activities. Visible Inventory's solutions supply unprecedented visibility about a supply chain thereby minimizing on-hand inventory and the manpower to deal with that inventory. iSeries sensors and SuppliLink software enable remote management of large inventories in real-time. Visible Inventory is the quickest and simplest path to real-time lean practices.

SuppliLink is the middleware between heterogeneous sensor networks and supply chain software. SuppliLink is a stable platform for collecting all types of sensory inputs: barcode data, location data, quantities, RFID, etc. It has the unique ability to store rules about the sensory data that it receives, and take action on that sensory data. SuppliLink can be sending messages to supply chain systems, e-mails to employees, or purchase orders to suppliers - among others... read more.
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