iShelfTM Series

iShelf provides highly accurate, real-time inventory control and enable highly efficient materials flow throughout a Supply Chain. iShelf automatically measures and wirelessly communicates item quantities to the Visible Inventory SuppliLink software. Quantity, status and reorder information can be viewed and emailed through SuppliLink, or viewed over the Internet using Visible Inventory's iVision product.

  • iShelf continuously measures and communicates inventory levels to specific points in the supply chain
  • iShelf sensors are available in a 24" x 18" size to accommodate a wide range of items
  • Each iShelf determines its content by weight. Item weight ranges for standard configurations are 1.6 oz (45 gm)¬† to several pounds each.
  • iShelf communicates via a wireless RF network assuring ease of installation and maximum flexibility.
  • Visible Inventory's SuppliLink software allows seamless communication of usage and reorder information within your organization and throughout the Supply Chain.
  • Automatic alerts for specific conditions:
    • Item has reached its reorder point
    • Item has reached a critical point
    • Overweight and communication issues
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Visible Inventory's iShelf product was developed to address the needs of manufacturers, distributors and healthcare organizations that require highly accurate, real-time control of their inventories and supplies. Companies incorporating point-of-use inventories, demand flow techniques, pull systems or Vendor Managed Inventory projects will benefit from an iShelf solution.

The system facilitates efficient inventory replenishment and control by providing up-to-the-minute quantity and reorder information. No longer do companies need to wait for traditional systems to "catch up" and report on what occurred hours or days ago in their facilities. The Visible Inventory system completely removes this unnecessary time lag and provides the opportunity to react quickly (in real-time) to inventory demands.

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iShelf Product Matrix


Shelf Depth iShelf Model Sensor Size Standard Capacity Minimum Accuracy
18" 18-100 22.5"x17.0"x1.8" 100 lb. 0.1 lbs
1.6 oz
45 gm

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iShelf Technical Specifications

iShelf System Specifications
Maximum Number  per System Unlimited
Maximum Transmitter - Receiver Distance 250 ft., Typical Office / Manufacturing Environment*
FCC Compliance Certified for License Free Operation
Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz ISM
Power Requirements 12 VDC, 1.5W
* Wireless range depends on number of walls, wall material, and height

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